September 2021 Melati

Most Valued Achievement?

My most valued achievement is coming to a point where I finally know what I want for myself in the foreseeable future. I finally feel like I’m working towards something and it’s not just for myself, it’s also for my future and my future family. I’m really grateful for where I’m at right now in life. I’m just taking on each day as it comes.

Favorite Thing About Being an It Girl

I would have to say it is the work environment. Where else can you have a job as flexible as this one with the ability to do as well as we do. On top of that I love the girls I work with – it wouldn’t be It Girls without the girls. My coworkers and support staff make it a pleasure to work here for sure.

How It Girls Has Helped Me Reach Personal Goals

Monetarily I have paid off many debts so far that I never imagined I would be able to at my old job, and for that I’m thankful. I’m still working on them but it’s going well. On top of that I’ve been able to save up for my wedding and save in general (which we should all do). With the flexible hours that we have, I’ve had enough time to do online school and also DJ. Big thank you to everyone for your support

Advice for Future It Girls

With the right mentality and will power this job has the ability to turn your life around. Whatever goal you want to achieve, envision it, work on it, and you will accomplish it. Just give it your all out there. It doesn’t hurt that your coworkers become your friends too.