August 2021 Amy

Most Valued Achievement?

My most valued achievement is my own personal growth. I grew up shy, insecure and very dependent on others. It wasn’t long ago that I changed my life around. Over this past year alone I have made many strides in adulthood and accomplished things that I convinced myself were nearly impossible for me. I grew my online platform, finally got my license and my own car, moved out of my parents house, and got the job of my dreams – this one! These achievements have helped me realize that I have always been capable of becoming the successful, confident, and independent woman that I now am. I can truly say that I am proud of myself for the first time in a long time.

Favorite Thing About Being an It Girl

Definitely the friends I have made here! It is such an amazing feeling to be surrounded by strong, kind, confident women who uplift each other! The way that we all help to build each other’s confidence by motivating and hyping each other up is like something I have never experienced before and it is so special to me. I will always treasure the memories I have made with every beautiful woman here and I can’t wait to make even more!

How It Girls Has Helped Me Reach Personal Goals

It Girls has played a huge part in helping me achieve my goals. This job is the reason I’ve been able to accomplish the goals I spoke of earlier such as moving out, getting a car, etc. and to do the things I love, like traveling! It has also helped me with my personal goal of becoming a stronger and more confident person. Not only am I more confident with how I look, something I have struggled with for most of my life, but with who I am as well! I value and appreciate myself so much more, and I don’t allow negative people to bring me down any longer – all thanks to being a showgirl!

Advice for Future It Girls

My advice to future It Girls is admittedly a little cliché, but it is to stay positive! Be positive and you will attract positive people, be kind and you will attract kind people! Look for the good in people and always remember that we’re out here to spread joy and create fun experiences for others, as well as ourselves! The best kind of day is when you are having so much fun doing the job that you forget it’s work, and that’s when success and fortune comes to you!