February 2021 Maggie

My favorite thing about being an It Girl

Everything this job and company has taught me. I was raised Mormon, in a small town where I was heavily sheltered. Working at It Girls as a showgirl taught me confidence and that I deserve the best, from myself and others.

How I’m reaching my personal goals with It Girls

It Girls gave me the stability to start furthering myself in the rest of my life, socially and emotionally. It got me financially stable enough to where I will soon be able to go to college, so that I can achieve the rest of my goals with little to no student debt weighing me down.

My advice to future It Girls

Listen to others, bite back your ego and accept the help that everyone here gives. The people here have taught me so much, about not only how to showgirl (which in and of itself has furthered me greatly in my day to day life) but also how to be a better person.

My most valuable achievement

I spent most of my life trying to be someone that I wasn’t. In the past couple of years, I learned that it wasn’t going to make them or me happy. My greatest achievement was learning to love and trust myself, to accept nothing less than the extraordinary from myself because I now know that is what I am capable of. Also, sword swallowing of course!


Sword Swallower Extraordinaire