March 2022 Megan

What is your most valued achievement?

I'm most proud of the personal growth that I've made within the past year. Starting this job was completely out of pocket for me. It's one thing to already have the personality for it, but it's another to actually make the personality for it. I was uncomfortable everyday, and that's how I knew I was growing. You don't grow when you're comfortable. On top of that, I was able to walk away from an abusive relationship and work on healing from that trauma. I didn't have any friends to turn to and I couldn't let my family know. To leave a relationship like that by myself and break away from that generational curse is something that I'm proud of because it's proof to myself that I'm resilient, strong and absolutely relentless.

What is your favorite thing about being an It Girl?

This is a typical answer, but honestly I really love the women that I work with. I enjoy the chatter while we get ready, the laughs I share with my partner on shift and the jokes we make on the way back to the studio. I've always had a hard time making/keeping friends. To become part of a huge girl squad and have regular girls nights is something I've always wanted. I am grateful to have found this with such beautiful, determined women. I've never witnessed such an amazing group of hustlers until now. I love them and I love to see their prosperity.

How has It Girls helped you reach your goals?

It Girls has been helping me save for the future and pay off my debts. The money is always there when I need it; I can pick up a shift and get cash the same day if I want to. It has also helped me travel more, which is always a goal of mine. I recently went to Hawaii for two whole weeks, and this job has allowed me to financially recuperate a lot faster than most jobs.

Advice for future It Girls

If you're uncomfortable, it's because you're growing. Be humble and receptive to feedback. On the strip, don't take things personally. Learn to let the bad go, so more good can come. Approach this job with a salesman mentality because 80% of people need to be convinced to even take a photo. Make sure you talk to everyone, ask where they're from, and make sure to genuinely connect with them first before asking if they want a photo.