June 2022 Araya

What is your most valued achievement?

My most valued achievement is honestly my life. I got into a pretty severe car accident when I was 16 and was in a coma for 5 days. When I woke up, the doctors called me a miracle and said that my injuries were so bad that I shouldn’t have been alive. After that, I realized I had gotten a second chance at life. That summer of the accident, I started going to college and got my Associates degree before graduating from high school.

What is your favorite thing about being an It Girl?

Since joining It Girls, my whole mentality has changed. I have grown to love myself and my body even more. Becoming friends with all the beautiful individuals in this company has introduced me to a new world.

How has It Girls helped you reach your goals?

The flexibility of this job definitely helps because I’m able to work around my schedule and also not be consumed by the idea of a 9-5. I’m able to achieve my personal goals, spend quality time with my family and be surrounded by amazing women at work.

Advice for future It Girls

Don’t be afraid to completely immerse yourself in the company. You will find a whole new side to yourself and make wonderful new friends and memories.