Moving to Vegas?

Las Vegas is an incredible desert oasis, and there are an estimated 5,000 people or more moving here every month. That’s a pretty incredible statistic when you think of it, and we are ready to say hello to more neighbors!

Here are a few things we suggest before making the transition to live in a city like Las Vegas - we hope these tips help you out!


This may seem obvious, but we know there are a handful of people who move to Las Vegas with little to no plan. The person writing this right now (hey, there!) visited Las Vegas for EDC weekend in 2015 and never turned back, but we understand not everyone is ready to make such a bold decision. Like me, maybe it will only take you one weekend to make the decision to leave your current living situation and move into the desert, but for most people we suggest multiple visits before you relocate. Since there is way more to Las Vegas than The Strip (yes, we have actual neighborhoods, and no, we do not live in casinos), we definitely suggest exploring the different neighborhoods to decide which side of town you prefer. With everything from homes in bourgeois neighborhoods and “Old Las Vegas”, to high rises near The Strip, apartments and condos from Summerlin to Henderson, we have got variety!!

Do you already have a job?

Some people are able to transition to Vegas easily because they have a job waiting for them upon their arrival to the city, or maybe they have a few opportunities lined up. If you are planning on moving here without one, though, there are a handful of industries, hustles and gigs you can pick up in a city like Las Vegas. Of course you can move without a job lined up, but we definitely think it helps to have that either established or in the works before you come here. We suggest putting several job applications in before you have a Vegas zipcode to your name, and you can always work smaller gigs until something more stable comes along!

Don’t get rid of your winter gear!

Okay, this point may seem a little goofy, but hear us out. When a certain someone (ahem, me…the author) moved to Vegas, she got rid of all of her winter gear. As a matter of fact, there are several people who have moved from out of town who have said they all mistakenly got rid of their winter clothes because they also thought, “I’m moving to a DESERT, I won’t need all this!” FALSE. You do need those winter clothes. Unless you’re a Southern Cali or Florida transfer who doesn’t understand “cold weather”, please note that temperatures in the desert can dip into the 30’s or lower. We also get dustings of snow from time to time along the mountains. We aren’t saying you’ll need a parka, but it definitely isn’t bikinis and daisy dukes out here year round - sorry, folks.

Of course, there are a handful of many other things to consider before you make a move:do you have any contacts out here, would you like living in a major metropolis that uniquely thrives off of a (mostly adult) entertainment industry, are you okay with seeing some green, but mostly buildings and brown? Take all things into consideration, and try asking a variety of people who live in Vegas what they think of the city to get some extra hunting. Hope to see you, neighbor!