Sep 2022 Kasey

What is your most valued achievement?

Recognizing the power within myself. I always knew I had the ability to get what I want (within obtainable reason of course- lol, what a realist I am), but I never truly experienced it until after starting at It Girls.

What is your favorite thing about being an It Girl?

The camaraderie. The girls we have the pleasure of working with are all beautiful and inspiring in their own ways. I’ve loved getting to know you ladies: time spent together, laughter, getting food, learning more about your interests, hobbies, personal lives, going to raves, concerts and befriending you beautiful souls. You’re all so amazing and unique and I have a lot of love for all the people at It Girls. You all truly make my life filled with love, light and laughter, and you also make work so much more enjoyable. So S/O to all the gorgeous souls here who make It Girls so special!

How has It Girls helped you reach your goals?

It Girls has given me the autonomy to live my life to the fullest! I’ve had the ability to go visit my family in AZ without worry of getting time off. That was really important to me because I’ve had my Grandfather pass earlier this year and leading up to his death I traveled a lot within a month or two. That wouldn't have been possible with most jobs. The freedom this job gives us all also allowed me to go to three music festivals in three months, two of which were out of state :))

It has also BOOSTED my self image, confidence and reinforced my self worth. I know a lot of people can relate to this, as I’ve been in recovery from an eating disorder (ED) and body dysmorphia since 2019. This job could have affected me one of two ways: get worse and relapse or find strength and blossom. Finding strength was not done alone. Thank you to all you beautiful souls who have given me encouragement, hyped me up or just heard me out when I needed it. We’re all so much more than our great looks and physical bodies, no matter what line of work we’re in. :)

Advice for future It Girls

We as women are more powerful than we think. I’ve seen models and clerks be able to do all their passions because of the financial and scheduling freedom It Girls has given to us. Take the time to find your groove, figure out how you want to work, maybe with whom and the rest will follow soon after.