Las Vegas Odd Jobs and Side Hustles

You’re in Las Vegas, looking for extra work or a new side hustle…or maybe you’re thinking of finally making the move here, but don’t know if you should move without a plan. Guess what? We have a few ideas to help you get started in this city, whether you’re looking to pick up some extra cash or need extra motivation to finally call Las Vegas your home!

Side Hustle #1: Wedding Officiant

You? Officiating a wedding? Hell yeah! As a wedding officiant you get paid to celebrate the union of people who are experiencing one of the most memorable events of their lives. When you lead a wedding ceremony, you help the happy couple navigate through their vows and kick off their big day. Officiating a wedding, especially a Las Vegas wedding, can be highly rewarding! On wedding days, people are full of smiles, dance moves and maybe a few brewskies, too! If you have a friendly demeanor, love love and have some extra time on your hands, this could be a quality gig! This also has little chance to creep into your day-to-day schedule as most weddings take place during the weekend. The process in Las Vegas is extremely straightforward, and you can begin your process by clicking this link to the Clark County Government website.

Side Hustle #2 Freelance Social Media Manager

If a business or a brand isn’t on social media, what are they thinking? #amirighttho Having an online presence is absolutely critical for businesses, from small start-ups to large corporations. While that may seem like a no-brainer in 2022, more businesses lack social media profiles than actually have them. To be honest, most owners don’t have the time, knowledge or care in the world to keep up with their business pages on apps like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Seriously…you can probably name a time where you went to look for a business to preview their menu, check their business hours or learn about additional information and you see that their pages are lacking content or don’t even exist. This is where you can come in! This can be your opportunity to reach out to those businesses, offer your services as a suave tech head and make money using the social media skills you already flex on your personal time. You can offer businesses, both in and out of Las Vegas, an array of services from weekly posting of content, help with branding, all the way to customer service! Better yet - you set your own prices and hours, and you save the company a ton of money compared to a full service ad agency! Hang out in any of Las Vegas’ incredible local coffee shops and watch that bank account grow.

Side Hustle #3: Human Billboard and Sign Flipper Extraordinaire

Okay, maybe this wasn’t what you were expecting, but hear us out! Throughout the streets of Las Vegas, you can spot handfuls of “human billboards”, advertising various businesses from barbershops to clothing stores and everying in between. If you enjoy being outdoors, then this could be a great option for you! Many of the human billboards bring a cooler for beverages and snacks, their headphones to rock out to music and a smile - that’s all that’s needed to start earning an hourly rate in the sunshine! The best human billboards know how to flip and twirl their signs for added flare; it is Las Vegas after all!

Hopefully these three of MANY options for side hustles in Las Vegas have gotten your gears turning. The options in this city are truly endless, and these alone prove that you can earn extra money on the side or finally pack up your bags and move to Sin City!