November 2021 Ava

Most Valued Achievement?

I have a lot of valued achievements. My most recent one is making the move from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, becoming an IT GIRL and now, Model of the Month.

Favorite Thing About Being an It Girl

Do I really have to pick one favorite thing about being an IT GIRL? I have too many! I absolutely love and adore the people I work with! They have become my Las Vegas family and have taught me so much! I also love being on the Las Vegas strip and meeting new people from around the world everyday – it’s so unpredictable and exciting. Hearing their accents, what brought them to Vegas and having the opportunity to make them smile warms my heart! It’s given me an amazing perspective on how different people are and it’s beautiful!

How It Girls Helps Me Reach My Goal’s

It Girls has helped me achieve so many personal goals! As of right now I am legit living the life I dreamed of a few months ago. I live in Las Vegas, love my job, my apartment and I am beyond grateful!

Advice to Future It Girls

Be the badass boss bitch you know you are! Take the initiative, stand in your power and be independent! It will help you in every aspect of your life – work, relationships, everything – I promise! You got this baby!