April 2021 Alexia

Most valued achievement

For most of my life I danced; throughout high school I was on the varsity cheerleading team. Over the years we trained, our practices lasted over four hours and we won many championships and three national titles. That is a very valued achievement in my life.

Favorite thing about being an It Girl

My favorite thing about being an It Girl is getting to bring life to the strip. Also to make other people’s vacations or days better by making our photo an experience! Not only that, but getting to meet new people and seeing their different views on Vegas is enthusing.

It Girls has helped me reach my goals

I moved out of my parents house at a young age. It Girls has helped me be financially stable and get my own home with my boyfriend. It has opened me up to opportunities and has financially given me the ability to do things I love, like going on vacations. It has also helped me be able to study and take real estate courses, which I’ve always wanted to do. It Girls has also helped me express myself more.

Advice to others who are new to It Girls

If I were able to go back and give myself advice when I first started, it would be to always focus on the end result and visualize your success. Don’t let anyone or anything change your attitude. Celebrate all successes because anything is better than nothing. Also, never be afraid to ask for more.