June 2021 Celeste

What is your most valued achievement?

My most valued achievement is self mastery. It is gained through self awareness, understanding and control over your thoughts, emotions and actions. Understanding and achieving this will benefit you in all aspects of life. Once you are able to hold yourself accountable, make changes and access the power that you have, you are unstoppable.

What is your favorite thing about being an It Girl?

Aside from having the opportunity to dress up like a princess everyday, I really enjoy the social aspect of this job. I value social participation as it is needed and utilized in everyday life. I am able to learn and grow from the success and failures of myself and others around me. I like engaging with fellow It Girls just as much as I like engaging with the people that visit the strip. As corny as this sounds; making people smile or laugh brings me joy. I am a people person! I also appreciate that I have so much flexibility in this occupation. This job is perfect for anyone that is determined and is willing to work for what they want.

How has It Girls helped you achieve your personal goals?

It Girls has helped me achieve my personal goals by constantly reminding me to stay patient and to work for what I want. In order to achieve anything in life, one must understand the importance of hard work and dedication. You must work for what you want, this goes for ANYTHING in your life. Additionally, this job reminds me to remain cautious of my own personal underlying factors like my tone, body language and other verbal and non-verbal behaviors. Overall this job helps me stay mindful and aware of my own self and any limitations.

What advice would you give to future It Girls?

My advice to future It Girls would be to never give up and stay mindful. It is easy to get discouraged when you are not getting photos or hitting average. But my advice is to keep your head held high and a smile on your face. You will have bad days, that’s guaranteed. Everyday is not always a good day. But the good days make all the work pay off, so work hard and have fun! Stay mindful about your own energy and perception you are giving to others. It is very easy to learn from yourself and others when you are willing to do so. As a trainee, I took something from each trainer and ran with it, made it into my own. It is important to remember that It Girls are here to help each other. It is important to be able to take constructive criticism and apply it to your work ethic. As a trainer, I learn more about people and how each person learns differently. It gives me the opportunity to expand my own knowledge on the job I do almost everyday.